Friday, February 23, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 2.23.18

Happy Friday to you! The last week has had some lows and highs. Last Friday we bid goodbye to Ophelia after nearly 19 years together. We have been grieving her absence this week. 

There is also suddenly a great deal of movement on the job front, nothing to report yet, but things are starting to happen! 

In between all of that we have been continuing on with daily life: homeschool, teaching classes at the art museum college and university, Eric’s work, commission jobs, prepping the house to go on the market on Monday...I am not emotionally ready for that business. I also had a workshop on Tuesday and later this morning I have a lecture on my show that is up at the college. 

Let’s review the week in photos.

I think this photo speaks for itself.

We met my dad for mall lunch. 

Beautiful flowers from friends in honor of Ophelia.

Ha ha ha ha!

Daily drawing as usual.

Eric has a Dungeons and Dragons group that meets every other Sunday.

We got hit with snow and cold.

It got even colder than this.

Work at my show.

In spite of the weather Elise wore this and asked for “tropical foods only.”

And more Elise.

This girl has been killing it at school. Both of the girls are so bright. 

Snuggling with my first born.

Dimples McGee

I was cleaning the house, listening to a book, wearing a space helmet.

Eric and Atomic Betty Sprinkles.

Prepping her costume for World Thinking Day. It is a Girl Scouts thang.

Lucy Sparkles Scratch-n-Sniff enjoying the good life.

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