Monday, February 12, 2018



Well, the last six months have been challenging for our family. We have had a rather rough go of things, but honestly when you lose things you really realize how much you have. We have so much support from family and friends.  I have had several people contact me about commission work, money which will help us to move. Eric has offers for contract work which could help make ends meet if he hasn’t found work by the time his current job ends. We have the luxury of staying with my parents if our house sells before we are ready to move. We have had friends demand that we call them to help load up on moving day. Friends who are willing to rehome plants. So many people have just listened or offered a lead on a job, asked how we are doing, told us that they have dealt with the frightening instability of being laid off, or whatever. It is sort of bittersweet as it highlights what a strong community we have to leave here in Wyoming.

While we are still frantically trying to find work and sell our home and make plans for the next few months, we know that we have such an amazing support network. We will figure it out. I will update you the minute we know where and when.

I was prepping the house today for the realtor to walk through ( I am gonna 100% cry on our walk through) and I was feeling very sorry for myself, but then I realized that all of this, while challenging, is a bump in the road, albeit a big bump. I keep thinking about people who don’t have a strong family or friends who would offer to help. What do those people do? I cannot even imagine the level of fear. Right now we just want to keep our independence and to not burden the people we love most. We are most definitely at high stress, but we both know we are safe and cared for and, most importantly, our children are safe and their needs will continue to be met. 

Mostly I am just trying to remind myself to be so thankful. We have so very much. I have every intention of paying all of this kindness forward as it is definitely a gift worth sharing. So if you have sent us a message, listened, offered help, said a prayer, or anything I want you to know how much it means and how thankful we are for your kindness. Thank you.


Holly said...

So glad you have family and friends to help out! My family is one of those that doesn't have a support system and in 2015, we had a major catastrophe strike in our home (the sewage pipe under the kitchen went and had to be dug up from the laundry room to our bedroom's bathroom--in a one level house so that was half of the house!). I can say that without a support system, you do what you have to do and make the best of it. We lived for about a year and a few months without a real working kitchen and I did my best to continue to make home cooked, organic meals for our family. It was really hard and not a time I would ever want to go through again, but it really tests your stuff and our family is stronger because of it. Although family and friends help would have been wonderful (especially when we got kicked out of the house when the pipe was being dug up), we made it through.
I hope you and your family make it through your challenge, and if you are ever in the Washington D.C. metro area, there will be someone there to help you in any way we can think of.

Roxanne said...

Think of it as an adventure!
You’ll all be alright.

Daphne said...

I've been through several rough patches like this... the last time, when I was feeling panicked and helpless and unsure, a friend said to me, "we love you and we won't let you fall" (as in, the safety net was there). There was a certain amount of relief in realizing that it was OK to ask for help, knowing that people were there who WANTED to help. In the end, I didn't need much help (except for some excellent advice from several close friends who helped me make crucial decision) but it was so comforting to know that I wasn't going to "fall." I view it as an investment: if you always try to be helpful and kind and supportive to your family and friends, you are putting "money in the bank." Hopefully we never need to draw upon that investment, but it's there if you do. I know you have been the kind of people who do that... and your community won't let you fall. It is super stressful but know in your heart, it will be OK.

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