Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Two Stories about Car Troubles and Kindness of Strangers

Story 1
Last week the girls and I left their PE class. We were leaning into the wind, scarves aflutter, and trying not to slide on the ice. I helped buckle Elise into her seat and battled the wind to get into my seat, hair everywhere. Then I saw a piece of paper tucked under my wiper. I assumed it was some weird ad or coupon or something, but it wasn’t. 

I read the note which very kindly explained that they had accidentally backed into our car. They had photocopied their insurance card and told us they would take care of damages. While it is a bummer that they hit our car it was so much more important that they had done the right thing. They could have driven away. I wouldn’t have spotted the damage for another day probably and we would have had to cover our deductible. I am so thankful for their kindness and honesty! 

Story 2
Then the next day it snowed. Our car battery died, unrelated to the above incident, just was time for a new battery. Our neighbors gave us a quick jump and Eric drove to buy another battery. Well, little did he know that this was just the beginning. He was assured that the battery he had purchased was the correct size for our car. He made it home, took out old battery, discovered that it was the wrong battery. This happened with a second battery. Then as he was trying to get to a different store who would have the correct battery the car died...in the middle of an intersection...in a snowstorm! 

He had to guide the car to the edge of the road and run up a snowy hill. He finally got the correct battery. When he was headed back to the car a kind man who had seen what was happening, offered him a ride to the car. He parked behind our car with his hazards on and waited while Eric installed a battery for the 4th time in a day. He is a pro at this point. The kind older man went on his way, just extending a little kindness on what would have been a laughably awful afternoon.

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