Wednesday, March 14, 2018


On Sunday I found myself in a thrift store. I find thrift stores a comfort. I am not sure why. I wasn’t planning to buy a thing, because it would just be another thing to pack. I just wandered around aimlessly. Sometimes it is lovely to have no aim.

I walked up one aisle and looked at a cactus shaped pitcher. I checked out some belts hanging from an endcap. I ignored the black velvet painting...or at least I pretended to ignore it as I hurried past.

Then I saw it, a little vintage ceramic flamingo in a bin. Without thinking I picked it up. Then I remembered that I am moving and went to set it back. 

It was a moment. An internal struggle. 

Devil on my shoulder saying, “Get it! You need this ceramic flamingo! You definitely deserve it! It is only a dollar!”

Shoulder angel, “No, you don’t need more stuff to pack. In fact you should be home downsizing and not wandering through a thrift store. You have been working so hard to save every extra dollar. And isn’t your house in need of another mopping before the next showing?”

I bought that ceramic flamingo and I didn’t mop the floor for a solid 12 hours.

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