Thursday, March 8, 2018

Getting Ready to Show

Unrelated, but I found this baby today.

So last week we sold the house. It was so fantastic to be done with this insane cleaning and prep and moving of animals and kids. I had no idea how crazy the process can be, particularly with kids and animals. Then our buyers broke contract and we are faced with the daily cycle once again.

 I kinda feel like I am both Cinderella and my own wicked step-mother as I give myself orders. I just want to document for posterity’s sake the process that we go through for prep before each showing.

•Sweep and mop or vacuum every inch of floor.
•Put all dirty laundry from baskets in our rooms into the wash (not turned on) so it is out of sight.
• Wipe down windows and mirrors.
• Put away all toys.
• Put down toilet lids
•Stash mail and other personal objects
• Stash the dish drying rack.
• Put litterbox into hiding.
• Wipe down walls and surfaces.
•Clean kitchen 
•Clean bathrooms
• Put rugs out. The realtors suggested rugs in a couple of places, but we just put them away when we are not showing so we don’t have to clean them again and again.
•Put flowers in kitchen and bathroom. We keep the flowers up when we are not showing so kids and cats won’t mess with them.
•Turn off computer.
• Put away the gate that blocks the cat room from dogs.
•Put away pet beds and food/water bowls
•Loaf animals and children and any recycling into the car. 
•Spray something to make it smell like we don’t cook in our house...never have I been so aware of the smells our foods make. I can’t even think about making a curry until the house sells. 

Additionally our realtor gives us notes after each showing and they range from simple fixes (now the the snow has melted clean up some of the winter mess or leaves and branches) to major suggestions (like refresh the paint on the ceilings). We weigh these suggestions and decide whether or not we are willing to make any adjustments, as all of it takes time and money.

So this is just a ton of work, but we are getting it down to an art form at this point! Here is hoping that our house sells quickly. 

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

so once your house sells, you want to become a house-stager???? j/k
big hugs to you!!!

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