Saturday, March 24, 2018

Girl Scouts

I am gonna be honest, the main reason I didn’t want to do Girl Scouts for the girls was the cookie sales. It seemed like a huge headache, particularly as there is only one kind of vegan cookie...and this was before we had the added insanity of prepping and selling a home, an insane work schedule, and everything that has circled around Eric’s work situation. 

We did it anyway. They have really enjoyed all that scouting offers them so far. So when cookie season started we (me and Eric) prepped for chaos. The troop goal was 250 cookie boxes per kid. Immediately Eric and I realized that there was zero percent chance that we would be able to facilitate that kind of sale/ delivery operation with two kids this year. So we had the girls set a more attainable goal (which they have both reached I believe). 

Today they have moved into the booth sales portion of cookie selling. Each girl went to their troop’s selling point and spent a couple of hours peddling cookies. 

They had a good time in spite of the wind (always wind) and the chill in the air. So I think we are nearly on the other side of the cookie season....

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