Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Good Things

I feel like I need a moment to focus on the good things. So, here is a list of ten good things happening right now.

1. Everyone is starting to feel better! Cordelia is mostly over her illness. Elise was sick too and is now on the mend. They both just have lingering coughs.

2. Bumblebee is doing so much better with her steroids and opioids. She is still weak after her crazy fall, but walking around and hounding us for food.

3. Our house is so clean. I mean we are generally clean folk, but we are enjoying a deeeep clean! Prep for house sales is serious business here!

4. The sale on our house fell through (problem with buyers not our house)which is not great. However, the silver lining is that they have forfeited their earnest money. So, cool I guess. That will help take the edge off of any repairs needed after future inspection. Also, don’t worry, we already have new people interested. Fingers crossed for a bidding war.

5. My family is amazing!

6. Just wrapped up a quarter of teaching. This means that I get one magical night before I dig into a new quarter.

7. We have loads of commissions and contract work coming our way. This is helping us to cushion our savings as we face uncertainty.

8. I am making pizza for dinner. If that isn’t a win then I don’t know what is.

9. I am so thankful for supportive and loving friends. Just so thankful.

10. I can feel a change is coming.

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