Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Little Moments

Today we got a text from the realtor asking if the house was available to show at 2:30 and 3:15. It was 1:40 and I was 20 minutes from home, where the animals would need to be picked up. Thankfully we had already finished homeschool for the day! The girls and I hurried home. They helped me to do the little prep around the house (mercifully we had it quite clean already) and corral the animals. I loaded everyone into the car and we drove off. I assumed it would just be an hour or maybe a bit more so I didn’t want to bring the whole crew to my parents’ home.

I got the girls a little treat to have in the car. We ran something to Eric at work. I picked up Bumblebee’s eyedrops from the vet. It had been a little over an hour, only it wasn’t over. The second showing was running late. I figured we could manage for a little longer. We parked, rolled down the windows for the animals, and the girls and I hung out at a playground. It was fine, no major deal, but it did take well over two hours. I definitely should have just gone to my parents’ house earlier.

Anyway, after that we all just needed to stretch our legs and take in the first warm day of the year. We dropped off the animals and picked up Eric and went to the river to enjoy.

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