Friday, March 2, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 3.2.18

We look there, it is finally Friday for real. This week has been about family, an art reception, the flu, house selling, and Bumblebee’s injury. Let’s look at the evidence...

These sweet sisters making music together. They are so close and love each other so much.

Last Friday my parents had Elise over for an overnight one-on-one time.  So Eric and I had Cordelia for some special one-on-one time. Next weekend we will switch. We took Cordelia out to eat and then to see a movie.

She loved the one-on-one time, but we had to keep sending pictures to Elise. Cordelia kept saying,”I miss her sweet face.”

The next morning I made pancakes.

Meanwhile, Elise had a great time with my parents.

She was fully spoiled and had so much fun.

She too had pancakes.

She also sampled three different ice creams.

She played some music with my pops.

Last Friday was the reception for the show Spooky Action at a Distance. Here I am with fellow artist Meghan Rowswell and in the green scarf curator Valerie Inella.


Speaking about art and Quantum Entanglement.

Hounds in the sun.
Sunday Cordelia had to go to urgent care and get checked for the flu. 

Drawing with Momo.

On Wednesday our house hit the market. I make this sound like a simple process, but prep was SO MUCH WORK! Thankfully I have amazing parents who are letting us store stuff at their home and we are hanging out at their place while our house shows. On Wednesday our house was shown all day. We were out of the house from 9-7. So we packed up our homeschool supplies and worked over at my parents’ house.

Daily drawing.

My dad has a special bond with his weird dog Bode.

Momo helps.

At the vet with Bee yesterday.

Bumblebee is much improved today! She is still weak and sore, but able to walk around and engage, and beg for food.

Daily drawing.

So each time our house shows we have to evacuate. This means I clean up (again) and then load kids, dogs, cats and selves into the car. It is pretty insane as we have shown the house a dozen times in two days. The first day we were gone the whole day. Yesterday we were out from 3:30-6:30 and today we left at 9.

Thankfully we are already seeing some major action on the house sale front and this process should be over soon. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, happy Friday to you!

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affectioknit said... glad Bumblebee is recovering well...and very best wishes for you sale...

~Have a lovely day!

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