Friday, March 16, 2018

Phone Photo Friday:3.16.18

Hello! I am currently sitting in a parking lot while the girls are unbuckled and watching a movie, dogs in the back while we wait for Eric who is doing a video interview from our home. The odds of noisy kids and dogs interrupting an important interview were high. So we are parked a few blocks from our home.  While this is happening we are waiting to hear back about our counter offer on the house. While both of these things are potentially important something of far greater significance happened today....Elise can officially tie and double knot her own shoes! 

So, while we wait to return to our home I am blogging in a parking lot while the girls watch cartoons and the dogs rest. Let’s take a look at the week in photos.

Last Friday my parents had Cordelia over for a sleep over while Elise had some one on one time with Eric and me. She wanted to go out for pizza.

She was pretty jazzed and so charming. We had dinner. We drew some pictures. We did some crafts at home. The whole time the sisters kept sending video updates to each other.

The next morning Cordelia had this at my parents’ home.


She also made a pancake for her sister.

Elise followed suit.

She also took a walk with Eric and Betty Sprinkles.

Later this week, killing time at a park while the house showed.

Eric going with Elise who was a little frightened to go solo.

Another day. Another park.

It has been a very springlike week, though there is snow today.

Working on commissions late into the night.

Betty Sprinkles

Eric on the piano.


And again.

And presently...

Have a great week!

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