Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Today is a really important day. Or maybe it isn’t. I hate to be vague, but that is just how it has to be for a little longer. We are starting to cross the bridge from one life phase and into the next. I am not sure where or when we will be on the other side, but it seems like we are on the brink.

We are most certainly in transition. Monday was Eric’s last day at the museum. He left work with little by way of goodbye, which was exactly as he wanted it, a quiet exit. We have just one more month to live in our beautiful home. The new owner seems amazing. I am particularly fond of her after she asked that we leave the giant google eyes on our front door. When I wake up in the night I wonder about her and how her family will be in this home? I think about the comforting noises of heater and pipes and refrigerator. The gentle hum of the dishwasher or the rattle of the branches in a wind storm. The early morning call of birds gossiping on the bushes. Soon enough our little family will be gone, those comforts will be for new owners. Will they love the garden? Will they care for this home? I hope so, but I am starting to make the mental break from this place. 

We are all on the brink of great change. In just over a month this time in our life, the yellow house phase, will be at an end and then we will be on to our new adventures.

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Allen said...

You and your family will be sorely missed. God speed on your new journey to where ever it be.

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