Monday, April 23, 2018

Empty Rooms

An empty room carries a strange weight. An empty room seems to hold so much more than one that is occupied. The space is filled with old memories and echoes. Who will be living in this space next month? The room will not yet feel like their room, something of us will still retain its ownership of the space, but slowly that feeling will fade as they make this home their own. 

I can feel the weight of this one fully empty room from  anywhere in the house. It is a strange sensation, like the entire space is off balance. That sentiment mirrors the sensation I am feeling as we move, a feeling of being slightly off kilter. That is probably a really good thing for all of us. I think that putting myself waaay outside of my comfort zone is positive. I have been able to really examine a lot of feelings, ideas, plans, etc. I may not have given myself this opportunity had it not been thrust upon me. 

I have been doing a lot of meditation to help me feel more accepting of the changes that lay ahead. And it seems that with each box we pack I am making a little more room for a vision for our future. I am thinking about empty rooms that await our mark somewhere down the road. The heartache of this long goodbye to our home is coming  to a close and I think that is for the best. Only a few more nights in this home.

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