Saturday, April 7, 2018

Morning Rituals

My morning routine is about the only fixed element in my daily schedule. I hold onto this morning process and feel scattered if I deviate too far from you the path. Often I am the first person awake in our house, just me and the cats. I will tiptoe out of my room the blue-black morning light tells me that the sunrise is still an hour ahead. I  pull my bedroom door closed, just to the spot before it creaks. I do the same with the girls’ bedrooms. I slip down to the kitchen, skipping the squeaky third step, and turn up the heat. Next I start a pot of coffee. Usually the girls amble downstairs a short time later, within 30 minutes or so. I snuggle with them and often try and follow a very lengthy and non-linear plot-line of a child’s dream. 

Then, when the girls are ready to play or watch cartoons, I have a few moments where nothing is required of me. I pour a cup of coffee and add a splash of vanilla soy creamer and a small spoonful of sugar. I am slowly weaning myself off of sugar in my coffee for reasons that seem less convincing with each passing day.

The next step in my morning ritual is my daily French lesson, followed by the start of my daily drawing. Somewhere along this timeline Eric will join us and then we will chat and make our plans for the day. A simple routine that sets the tone for the day.

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