Saturday, April 28, 2018

Moving Day Surprise wouldn’t expect a simple and easy moving day  after the year we have had would you? Let me preface this tale with a note that we are alive with no major injuries.

We started our move with this sweet sign!!! The morning was spent with friends who helped us to move everything from our house to my parents’ garage (aka or storage unit). Cordelia was at a Girl Scout meeting for the morning. I went to pick her up right before lunch. We loaded into the car and started driving back to our house to help with the final push.

Then a teenager ran a red light and plowed into our vehicle at full speed. Cordelia and I are ok. She didn’t see the accident coming and didn’t tense up, but I did watch the impact and tensed up pretty hard. The result is some nasty whiplash for me,  but it is really no biggie considering how bad it could have been. The teen driver is ok and he had insurance. Our car was a total loss.

Cordelia pointing out that the entire passenger window was shattered.

We gave our report and there were plenty of witnesses who supported my claim so we aren’t worried on that end.

The Kraken sacrificed his life.

On the plus side for Eric we said goodbye to our “I love lemurs” sticker. 

Tonigh we are staying at my parents’ home. All of us are safe and our needs are met. I am sore beyond all measure, but I have loads of help and support.

We can’t help but chuckle in a black humor about the year we have had.

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affectioknit said...

OH MY GOODNESS!...I'm so glad everyone is OK...Peace be with you as you recover...

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