Friday, April 13, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 4.13.18

Happy Friday! Today is my dad’s birthday!!!! In case you are unaware my dad is a really amazing father and grandfather! I am so so thankful that I am the one lady in this world who has the absolute gift of being his daughter. 

This photo is from almost two weeks ago, but it makes me so happy to see my girls enjoying the gift of a loving and engaged grandfather. 

Happy birthday dad!

And now onto our regularly scheduled program, a week in photos.

Sisters at hospital lunch. We regularly meet up with my parents at the mall or hospital where there are food options to cover our various needs between veganism and allergies. 

Last Saturday we drove to Rapid City to pick up Eric’s work from a museum show. We remembered a pizza joint that had vegan pizzas and we stopped in for dinner.

It was so so so good! 

Elise, moments before she fell off of the stool and poured water all over herself. 


Eric and Cordelia discussing our plans to visit the Dinosaur statue park.

She doesn’t like pizza much (don’t get me started, don’t even get me started), but she ate a couple of slices of this stuff.

Even though it was pretty cold and most of Rapid City was still shut down, tourist season is May-September, we tried the dinosaur park. Unfortunately it was closed!

So we looked down on the city and the girls played on the statues in front of the closed down gift shop.

Eric in full dad mode.

Hotels are fun for kids.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast and decided to hit up Mount Rushmore before heading home.

We have been to Mount Rushmore many times, but I have never gone in an off season. I highly recommend it as the place was not at all crowded.

It was super windy though...

My mister.

Two cuties. Who knows how old they will be when we next visit. Also look at them holding hands! They are too sweet!

Checking out the museum. Both girls really enjoy museums. Cordelia especially wants to take her time at each exhibit.

We took the back route home and it was cool to see the monument from a different point of view.

Back at home, enjoying our last couple of weeks in the yellow house.

David Bowie shirts.


And this...

Watching Eric skate yesterday.

And I am not sure what is happening here.


 I love having Eric home more. Too bad we aren’t independently wealthy and don’t have to work.

Morning snuggles.

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