Thursday, April 12, 2018

Still Waiting

“Any news?”

Two words that I have been hearing on repeat for a couple of months now. I know that well meaning friends and family are wanting word on our job hunt and move status. Trust me when I tell you that nobody wants that news more than us! We are feeling hopeful about a prospect, but the process of finding work within larger institutions means that everything moves at a snail’s pace. Seriously, the waiting is so intense. However, I do have other news...

In the months that we have been searching and waiting we have:

Sold the house and are nearly ready to move. While we are sad to leave it is such a lifted burden to not have to worry about a mortgage now that Eric is between jobs.

Elise has learned to tie her shoes.

Cordelia has grown out her bangs and we are so close to being able to tuck her hair behind her ears!

I have had a huge influx of work and that has been a fantastic help as we save and save in prep for a move and all of the expenses that accompany such a change.

Eric is now at home and it is so much fun to have him around! The extra family time has been a treasure. 

We are closing in on the end of another school year.

Spring is here! Even if we still get snow a couple of times a week it is heavy and wet and doesn’t stick around.

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