Monday, April 9, 2018

The last thing before the last thing.

This morning we hit the ground running. Before the sun had risen Eric and I had already had coffee and split a breakfast burrito. The girls had leftover pancakes for breakfast and were chilling out on the couch, an island in the chaos of cleaning that was happening around them. This morning was the last hurdle for us to jump through...before the hurdle of moving everything we own (twice, once to my parents’ and then to our new home). Today the assessor came. We were told to stage the house as though we were selling. I guess this is because the assessing business is rather subjective and a nice and tidy home will color the impressions of the assessor.

Eric and I needed almost no words to communicate our responsibilities. I mean we can communicate without words pretty well on most days, but this business of deep cleaning the house so many times over the past few months has clearly outlined our various duties and responsibilities. I started on the top floor and Eric in the basement. We met in the middle where I took care of floors and counters. Eric wiped down surfaces and cleaned windows. It was a silent dance at a rapid pace. 

The animals are keyed into this routine and the cats went into deep hiding. Momo found her way into a cupboard, door closed. Lucy flattened herself and dug in under the couch. The dogs were excited in only the way that dogs can be excited to drive in a full car for an hour. The kids charged their tablets and grabbed some toys. They know the routine.

We drove around, cruising by our house once to see the car of the assessor so we could know when they had gone. Bumblebee barked her old lady bark of joy. The cats meowed. It was fine. We are all in the routine. 

When the coast was clear it was time to return home. We let the animals back into the house and put away all of our staging stuff to keep it pet hair free, although I guess we don’t have to do that anymore. We put the litter box back in place and pulled out the animal beds and food and water bowls. Now all that is left is for us to pack up, hand over the keys, and move on...

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