Tuesday, May 1, 2018

38 is gonna be great!

Thirty-seven was a really hard year for my mister.

Through the most difficult year of his life I watched him navigate each new hardship with grace.

He reacted with wisdom and kindness, even when it took great effort.

I knew he was quite a catch before year thirty-seven, but in the past year I have learned what an amazingly strong and good man I am lucky to know. 

He has not responded to all of the challenges with anger. Instead he has worked so hard to consider others and care for his family.

So, while it was a hard year it was a year of great change.

Today Eric is thirty-eight and I know that this next year will have so many good things. All of these challenges have been paving the way for a very exciting new year. 

Happy birthday to the love of my life.

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elizabeth said...

you guys!
we are 38 - both ben and i - and we have had a lot of challenges over many years, but also, so many for both of us in our 37th years. 38 is really the beginning of a lot of new and good for both of us individually and for our family.
i wish you both so very much of the best - and yes! cheers to 38! it is gonna be great!
(ps - you are beautiful, maria! and you and eric are such a handsome couple. your joy and love for each other are radiant and contagious!)

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