Monday, May 7, 2018

Blogging from the ER

Now before you think that I am in a true emergency situation let me assure you that I am not. I have had lingering pain from the accident which has worsened a bit in recent days. Normal care providers sent me to the ER (which I guess is standard after a car accident) where I have been for a couple of hours. Honestly I have been quite stubborn about this pain, but my mother and husband have gotten rather insistent so here I am, acting like an adult and not ignoring my symptoms.

Since arriving I listened to a girl in an adjacent room have a full melt down about an IV—-like full horror movie screaming. The nurse had to pop in and explain that this was an overreaction and not an in progress assault.

 I have had my spine felt up and down and my hips manipulated. Let me tell you that my hips don’t lie (Shakira reference)! Anyway, I am awaiting x-ray results and blogging from my the bed.

I am feeling remarkably upbeat in spite of the physical discomfort. 
*Update: nothing broken. Bulging in my spine. Also, exciting news...I have a vestigial rib! 


affectioknit said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Allen said...

OK new term vestigial rib??

Anonymous said...

I was in a car accident a couple of years ago, similar to yours. A young driver ran into me at a stop sign. The injuries I received made themselves known as the week progressed, which was interesting. I did a bit of googling about car accident injuries, and read that when we're in a car accident, we hyper extend the joints of our limbs, and we're not immediately aware of the injuries. For me, the pain developed over the following days and It took a good few weeks for the pain to subside.

I also started feeling a strange insecurity in the weeks following the accident, and a bit weepy at times. I suppose the accident made me realise how vulnerable we can be.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Victoria said...

So glad you are seeking help with your pain. I have been in 11 car accidents...injured in every one...whiplash is very real. Like your other friends, I too had on-going repercussions from my injuries. As it was explained to me, this type of injury greatly effects the secondary nervous system...that's the system that keeps motoring on without our conscious awareness. So moodiness, emotional ups and downs, and refracted pain can all be part of the whiplash experience. That said, forewarned is forearmed. Massage helped me greatly, as well as gentle stretching, warming packs on the back of my neck, and resting while my neck was supported. Sending lots of love and light for swift healing❤️

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