Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Breakfast Picnic

Our current situation is rather fluid and we have lacked structure. We have been powering along with homeschool, but our routine is definitely not what it once was. Tomorrow we are setting some sort of a routine in place. This way the girls will have a sense of knowing what comes next. Structure is quite important to kids. We aren’t going to regiment every hour, but just give a general shape to our weeks.

Today is our last free form day and we are going to do it right. We started the morning with a breakfast picnics before their last homeschool science class.

It was a pretty humble picnic, but it didn’t really matter what we ate (yogurt, fresh bread, berries). It was nice to just do something different from the norm.

Eric’s shirt.

It was just a 45 minute experience before class, but it put our day off to a great start!

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