Thursday, May 3, 2018

Goodbye Yellow House

Today we said goodbye. It was very hard and really sad.

I think the hardest part is not knowing what comes next.

The thing about having an adventure is that it is scary.

And sad.

And uncertain. 

Many things we held onto as solid are gone, ready to be filled with new moments. It will be great, but today was hard.


elizabeth said...

oh gal.
in with the scary and hard and sad is possibility and option and beauty to be found. i know. the good stuff doesn't negate the hard stuff, doesn't cancel out the sadness. but the good stuff will creep in, a bit at a time, until you are in a new place that is full of good.
i am sending all the best wishes to you.
and all the love to you and your family.
xoxo, elizabeth

Daphne said...

Big hugs. Such a huge scary transition!! Uncertainty, especially concerning work and home (all at once! and your car! geez...) is really stressful and hard. You will get through this, but it is definitely really hard. Wishing you patience and strength, and the inner knowledge that things will turn out OK sometime SOON!

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