Friday, May 4, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 5.4.18

Woof! What a week! Since I last did a Phone Photo Friday post we have moved entirely out of our home, totaled our car, completed some homeschool classes, said goodbye to the teenage art class (kids I have been teaching for 5 years), and this morning we closed on the sale of our home. All of the doors have been closed, time to start opening them.

Let’s review the photos.

Last Friday we volunteered at the shelter.

Cordelia posed in the flower wall at the store.

Saturday we moved into the basement apartment space my parents have created for us while we await our next step.

The girls have been LOVING all of the grandparent time. Here my mother is showing them the most recent photos of their cousin Hila.

Saturday was moving day/car accident.

Cordelia is back to normal and I am not 100%, but improving. The whiplash is no joke.

The cats are settling into their new routine.

Staying with my parents in their non-hilly neighborhood means lots of bike riding.

We are wrapping up the homeschool year.

Out to lunch on Eric’s birthday.

Later Eric and I had a dinner and a movie date!

We had the whole theater to ourselves!

It was radical!

More homeschool.

And a final goodbye.

Hope your week was great!

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