Friday, May 18, 2018

Phone Photo Friday:5.18.18

Happy Friday! Let’s review the week in photos.

Cordelia and my dad in the rain.

Volunteering at the shelter is part of our regular routine right now.

The girls are loving it!

Sweet old Bumblebee. She is at least 14 (she was around one or so when we adopted her 13 years ago). Basset hounds live about 12 years, so we know that each day with this old gal is a gift. While her body is giving out on her the exuberant spirit that we so love remains in tact.

Mother’s Day.

My favorite ladies.

Daily drawing.

I have been loving the blue sky, white clouds, verdant greens of new leaves.

Everything smells so divine right now!

She will be six in a couple of months. 

Snuggles with grandma.

Insincere pout. A smile followed a moment later.

Lilacs are blooming everywhere. The few weeks a year that lilacs bloom are among the most beautiful days in a year.

Evening park strolls.


I have so many photos like this in my phone.

Elise reading to Cordelia. 

Working on some homeschool project.

Lunch outside.


Atomic Betty Sprinkles living her best life.

Tree climbing.

Yesterday was Cordelia’s bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts. New territory for us, but she was jazzed.

There she is.

Have a lovely day!

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