Friday, May 25, 2018

Phone Photo Friday:5.25.18

Friday equals phone photos yo!

Last Friday my mother, the girls, and I drove to visit my grandma, aunt, and great aunt.

The girls got in some good snuggle time.

And Elise hounded my grandmother’s Yorker. He is hiding under her chair in this photo.

My mom, Cordelia, and my great aunt Michelle.

Eric stayed behind and mowed the lawn. He sent me this photo.

And this one of Betty’s stained green paws.

Last Saturday there was an end of  he year fair. There were games, balloons, slushees, crafts, and more. Here Eric draws shaggy.

Sisters getting their faces painted.

I like to send Eric pictures of me creeping on him while he is unaware.

Cordelia with her face painted as a “superhero golden retriever.”

Elise as a Siamese kitten.

Snuggles with grandpa.

Breakfast picnic.

Father and daughter.

Morning swing.

Grandma snuggles.

Homeschool. We are so close to the end.


Last night was Elise’s end of year Girl Scout ceremony.

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