Thursday, June 21, 2018


So I have kind of debated on whether or not I wanted to share this story here, because the girls don’t know it yet... when they are older I will happily tell them because it is soooo......well hilarious and heartbreaking. Is there a word for that? Tragicomedy I guess.

So let me set the scene for you. A month and a half ago we were doing the final move out of our yellow house. I was doing my best to not cry (don’t talk to me about it yet, because I am almost certain to cry)! I was packing up the last boxes of kitchen stuff. Opening one cupboard I loaded our last dishes into a box and then there was the black bag containing a tin with the ashes of our much loved cat Ophelia who had passed the month before. We had put it in the cupboard because we were in the midst of a move and didn’t know what to do with the ashes. 

I picked up the bag and set it in a box. I hesitated. It felt wrong. What if the box was lost and we lost her remains. She deserved better. I set the bag back in the cupboard with the plan to just carry the bag out with us as we left that day.

Then it was time for me to pick Cordelia up from Girl Scouts. I headed out solo and picked up Cordelia from her troop activity, planning to come right back and pick up where I had left off. However, that was when we got into the car accident. After that I was out of commission with regard to the move as I recovered from the injuries I had sustained.

A couple of weeks later Cordelia randomly asked me where Ophelia’s ashes were packed. I paused. I didn’t really know as I had not been back to pack anymore. I told her that they were in a box, but I wasn’t sure where the box was.

Fast forward two days when I received a Facebook message in the other box, the one where messages from strangers are sent. I opened  the message to this...

Yep, that’s right....we left Ophelia at the yellow house in the cupboard! 

I opened that message and simultaneously laughed and sobbed. I laughed because that bag looks like a gift bag and I am sure the new homeowner thought we had left her a housewarming gift. When she opened it she would have found a sealed tin with a tiny window containing some of Ophelia’s fur. Can you even imagine? I know from the closing of the sale that she and her friends were going to make margaritas and unload the moving van. I can just see this woman thinking she had been left a gift only to realize it was a dead cat!!! 

Anyway, she was a good sport about it and we retrieved the ashes the next day. We haven’t told the girls yet as they are not quite old enough to see the humor in the situation. Someday they will.

Finally, any ideas on what you are supposed to do with cat ashes...beyond forgetting them as you move? 

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