Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Mexico Trip Day 1

Ok, so we did not make it to New Mexico today, but we are en route.

Our first stop was in Cheyenne. We checked out their new Botanic Garden Building and then outside of the building Cordelia asked me to take this photo in front of the boot. She purposely posed with this moody look. Ha!

We checked out the very interactive Children’s Village.

It is always a little treat on a summer day.

The girls had a blast and we pushed on for the second leg of our journey.

We drove through Denver and were outside of Castlerock when we hit stop and go traffic. If you know me you know that I really struggle with driving related anxiety so this was a significant challenge for me. We made it through traffic to a point where there had been an accident and there were stuffed animals all over, like a semi full of them had been tipped over. It was weird. 

Anyway, we made it to Pueblo and here we rest for the night.

We checked out some of Pueblo’s street art.

And made our way to Bingo Burger.

There were vegan burgers. Cordelia and Elise invented a new way to eat their fries.

It was messy and elaborate.

We finished up and I am now blogging from a darkened hotel room. The girls are always more than a tad squirrelly about sharing their hotel bed, but soon enough they will be sleeping soundly and I will be watching hotel TV.

New Mexico tomorrow!

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