Friday, June 15, 2018

Phone Photo Friday (Double Edition):6.8.18-6.15.18

So I skipped phone Photo Friday last week, but fear not, today will be the day of reckoning. Brace yourself for a phone photo storm.

Stopped at the children’s garden in Cheyenne on the first part of our road trip to NM.

We spent our first night in Pueblo, CO. Took a little walk around our hotel to a restaurant that served vegan options and checked out street art en route.

Chowing down.

Day two we arrived in Santa Fe to spend a couple of days with our dear friends.

It was surprisingly cool, the only cool day of our trip.

We spent an awesome afternoon at Meow Wolf.

It was pretty epic. 

The next day we made it to see Eric’s mother in southern NM.

We finally got to see Dave’s plot at the newly opened cemetery. We went to his memorial service after he passed, but he was not interred until the opening of the new veteran’s cemetery outside of Ruidoso. 

A Cordelia selfie. Thirty minutes later she was stricken with a fever and a nasty sore throat. She shared those germs with me and the two of us spent the next few days hacking.


A stop at another cemetery in Boles Acres, NM to visit Eric’s grandparents. This is not their plot, but is a typical old NM burial site. When I moved to NM as a teenager I was shocked by their cemeteries. They seemed so very different than the northern cemeteries I knew. Now I find their weathered decay poetic.

Crafting with her grandma.

Flowers. I always take photos of flowers.

Our beloved Copelands. 


The cemetery at Taos Pueblo. I know it seems like we were cemetery obsessed, but it wasn’t really all that prominent a point in our trip.

Taos Pueblo and a gorgeous New Mexican sky.

With my girls.

Last night in a hotel. I fiiiiinally got Cordelia’s bangs out of her face!

Waiting to watch a puppet show on the way home.

Travel break.

And reunited back in Wyoming.

A hike on a beautiful Wyoming day.



Two girls, their grandpa and a wheelbarrow.

Evening walk.


My mom and Cordelia on a walk last night.

Our tiny leader.

Happy Friday!

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