Saturday, July 7, 2018

Baseball and Newscaster Creepin’

We went to a baseball game the other night. I think the girls managed twenty minutes in the bleachers.

They had some snacks, stared at the game with vague interest, and then someone mentioned foul balls.

They spent the rest of the game with friends, hunting for foul balls, but ultimately begging for free balls from the players.

They were pretty jazzed as each kid in the gang got their own ball, everyone except Elise.

Elise’s Scout leader, who was there too, bought her an official ball. Elise was so excited and has been talking about how hers is so very special.

And finally, it has been a long time since we creeped on newscasters...but not because we are maturing, mostly because we have been living as recluses. Since we were out and about it was time to creeeeeeeep! 

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