Wednesday, July 18, 2018

House. Home. House

Looking for a house is so hard. The listed facts are things like square footage, location, amount, etc. Those stats are all helpful, but they really aren’t answering my questions.
 Here is what I want to know:
-Does the light feel magical at any point in the day? 
-Are the neighbors kind people who will contact you when you are on vacation because the wind (Wyoming wind man) blew open your front door?
- What is the best path to walk in the neighborhood?
- Does the house feel like it has always been a happy home?
-Does it smell ok?
-How is the bathtub? Like does it feel right when you take a bath on a cold winter’s night?
- Will your friends and family feel good when they visit?
- Which spaces are best for plants? 
-Was this home loved?

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