Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Online House Selling Pro Tips

We have been house hunting for many months. With each job application submitted we would research homes in various communities. It has been a strangely fascinating experience. There was the house in Nashville with Minnesota Vikings decorations and colors in every room. There was the house in upstate New York that had dozens and dozens of chairs. Another house had a frightening number of dolls in cases. I have made a lot of notes about the photos of a home posted on the internet. Since our home sold super fast I am convinced that I am 100% an expert in the online presentation of a home. Don’t argue this point, it has been a hard year. I will come after you. 

Anyway, I have some tips that I am putting out there in case you want to sell your home in the future. These pointers are in regard to the online presentation of your home; the photos that buyers see when they look on realtor.com, Zillow, trulia, etc.

1. Clean your house! This seems super obvious, but apparently this is not the case. I have seen so many homes that look like a hoarder’s nest.

2. Take good photos. This means good lighting, not blurry, etc. Get the whole space. It isn’t that complicated, just give the people what they want and what they want is to creepily look into your home. 

3. I personally love to see pets in the pics, but it is probably best to leave them out. Buyers will think about your pet peeing, puking, pooping, etc. in that house.

4. Please figure out how to take a photo of a mirror.

There are so many sites dedicated to photos people take of themselves in mirrors while trying to take real estate photos, google it. 

5. If you aren’t regularly complimented on your decorating skills then you probably don’t need to show all of your decor. Edit personal photos and just make the space look as open as possible. Staging was so much fun for us as we love that kind of thang, but I think most people just empty out their home.

6. Don’t do weird things. I saw a photo of a bathroom sink filled with pink, silver, and green metallic balls. I think it was supposed to be fancy. It was weird. Also, what is with the wine bottle and two empty wine glasses?!

7. If you have a collection you should probably hide it. Collecting is strangely personal. It is super strange to see hundreds of tiny spoons on a wall, or a bed mounded high with stuffed animal lions. Maybe your collection has a logical explanation, but it is not clear in photos.

8. Unless you are planning to include your couch or bed those shouldn’t really be the center of photos. So many house photos include a close up photo of an easy chair or a table or some random feature that will not be included in the sale. Why? 

9. And finally, I shouldn’t have to say this in the year 2018, but sponge painting isn’t a thing. Quit trying to make sponge painting happen...at least if you want to sell your home.

Ok byeee.

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