Friday, July 13, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 7.13.18

Hey-oh phone photo Friday! 

Sweet old lady Bumblebee. She has trouble getting around, is mostly blind, but still rolls in the grass, begs for food, and bays with joy. 

Last Friday we went to the Mormon handcart museum. We didn’t really know what to expect. The museum is way out of town, but the drive was beautiful.

We got to try pushing handcarts. Spoiler alert, it is tough work on well-maintained gravel. 10/10 would not recommend as cross country mode of travel on unpaved roads. 

Elise gave it a go too!

Self-portrait with a crow.

Elise mastered the jungle gym! 

Volunteering at the shelter.


Tales with Tails.

Such a fun program!

On Elise’s birthday she and Cordelia got to participate  in the town’s parade day. 

Then they watched the rest of the parade that followed behind their float.

We went out to lunch with my parents.

And Eric, who had been interviewing in New Mexico hustled back and made it in time for lunch. He surprised the girls who were delighted that he made it in time for birthday festivities.

After lunch Elise’s next birthday request was time at Jump Craze. She isn’t too big into parties and just wanted to play with her sister and a friend.

The following day while the girls were in swim class Eric got the call and was offered a position in NM. Here we are telling the girls the news! Cordelia looks upset as she was still recovering from her first belly flop! 

A beautiful Wyoming evening walk with Betty Sprinkles.

Leaving swim class this morning! 

Happy Friday!

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