Friday, July 6, 2018

Phone Photo Friday: 7.6.18

Holy guacamole, it is Friday! I truly thought it was Wednesday! Where am I? What is happening? I guess it is time for the phone dump!

Fresh cherries y’all! Ha, I don’t say “y’all” normally, but the girls heard someone say it this week and could not understand why they spoke in such a strange manner. Now I just want to use the phrase without end, y’all. Wait, never mind, over it.

Sisters reading on the couch at their grandparents’ house.

No, not a vampire, just really into fresh cherries.

Queen Momo.

Adventuring with Grandma Sue.

Museum stop. We go to museums all.the.time. 


Found this cutie.

Vegan eats.

Daily drawing.

Fireworks with a friend.

Elise and Eric waiting for fireworks.


At another museum.

More food.

Baseball game last night.

Happy Friday! 

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