About Me

Hello. I am Maria (pronounced Mariah) Rose. I started this blog in October of 2007 as a way to remind myself of the little things that make life good.  I write each and every day. I write about my family life, crafting, vegan cooking and the weird and random things that pop into my mind.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Eric. Together we have two amazing daughters-Cordelia and Elise, two basset hounds-Bumblebee and Atomic Betty, our cats Ophelia and Lucy. Professionally I am an artist and an art historian, I teach art and art history. I spend my days creating and mothering.

I love hearing from you and I read every single comment, trying to respond to any and all questions. Through your comments I have learned so many new things and even made some amazing friendships, so keep them coming! 

Thank you for stopping by,
Maria Rose

All content is © 2007-2014 Maria Rose. Please do not copy or take images or content from this site without my permission. 

Email me: maria @ planetwimmer . com
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