Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I thought I'd Share a few of my favorite things today...

A husband who told me that he spent a bunch of time outside of his work rescuing worms who were at risk because he loves me and knows that I have a soft spot in my heart for worms. I think I will have to explain that at another point.

Just knowing that Montana is waiting for me. I bet it's so beautiful right now.

Catching up with my brother Ben on his day off, via telephone.

I got this t-shirt at Macy's. I am not huge on mall shopping, but it was just to cool to resist. It was on sale in the juniors department and I got it for a few bucks. If it's not from a thrift store at least it's at thrift store pricing. I made the hair clip myself.

Sitting around last night talking with my youngest brother Sam about our strengths and weaknesses.

The sewing books Sweet Booties, The Feisty Stitcher.Sewing Bits and Pieces, and Fabric Scrapping. I love looking through a cool new project book. I read through them like literature, taking in the details and trying to catalog them in my brain for a rainy day project.

A little girl who is standing up, creeping and kind of crawling (but mostly log rolling).

Our camera, Charlemagne, a Cannon Rebel xsi EOS 12.2 megapixel. Here is a link to a similar camera, not quite the same.

Flowers that are blooming out of every tree around town, it's gorgeous.

What are a few of your favorite things right now?


Tammie said...

that shirt is adorable. its so *you.*

affectioknit said...

Love the shirt! and definitely love that things are starting to bloom here as well!

elizabeth said...

having an ipod of my own - even if it was used and is a little beat. it works and i have music playing!

an afternoon to myself - with a HUGE to do list . . . but i'm just listening to music and plugging away.

just itching to get outside, mow my lawn and sit on my front porch. it's gorgeous out!

Sarah Purdy said...

Blogger thought I would like this post after reading today's and guess what? I did! I think we should do more "favorite things" posts. Also, I want to know what happened to that shirt because I've never seen it.

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