Friday, July 9, 2010

Making a Music Video

While our musician friend Andy and his lady love Anne (yes Andy and Anne, and no they have not dressed as Raggedy Anne and Andy in spite of my requests) were here we decided to get the last bit of footage for the music videos we've been working on. I promised Andy I wouldn't show any of the photos of him in costume, but you can see it when the DVD is released!

Eric filming
Eric filming Andy

Anne sporting two pairs of glasses

We went out to a park yesterday for the filming and it was also apparently a mosquito festival, yikes. We were under attack and had no recourse, so we just bit the bullet and got through the shoot. Don't worry Cordelia was well protected so only her parents will get West Nile Virus.

Cordelia safe from everything

Water and plants

Mosquitoes aside it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon.

Reflection in the water

Later we returned home and had some homemade baked curry fries with sloppy lentils and fruit.

This morning Andy and Anne headed out to continue their musical tour of Wyoming. We are so lucky to have such enduring friendships with so many people, even if they are scattered around the world.


Stacy said...

They really should dress up in costume.... it'd be fun! ;-)

Maria Rose said...

Andy was in costume! I will reveal that there was an eye patch involved!

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

I have requested as well...I was informed I had to wait for 5 halloweens before he would think about it...I'm waiting him out. :)

elizabeth said...

what a lovely day - minus the mosquitoes . . .
and curry fries - that sounds awesome!

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