Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Godmother/ Friend

Yesterday was delightful and fairly low key. My day was spent talking with my cousin, walking downtown, and playing with Cordelia. My cousin Erin (aka Cordliea's Godmother) is one of those types of friends where we spend a bit of time catching up and then we just move forward, making new memories, picking up where we left off. I really find it quite refreshing. There is none of the awkwardness or being stuck in the past, just the perfect mix of past, present and future.

Erin and Cordelia

Do you have friends like that?


Emily said...

Yes, and I am so thankful for those kind of easy friendships. I hope you all have a great time together while she is visiting. I cannot believe Cordelia's will be one tomorrow! What a precious gift!

Tammie said...

my best friend is like that and i love it. its one of the most wonderful, relaxing friendships that i have.

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