Monday, June 20, 2011

Montana and then Home

We spent our last days in Montana visiting my grandmother. She served us an amazing fruit plate for breakfast and then we headed to the Children's Museum. The museum is located in an old train depot or station (not sure what/if the difference is).



After the visit to the museum (which Eric pointed out was in no way a museum, but more of an educational/fun center) we wandered to the farmer's market which was about a block away. We enjoyed the atmosphere as we took in the sights, sounds(and one adorably terrible tuba player), and smells.

farmer's market

After lunch we started on the journey home. We stopped in the place I call my childhood home (I lived there longer than I have lived anywhere else in my life---6 years--age 8-14). The town, Harlowton is a town of about 1,000 people. I hadn't returned in about 12 years. We stopped and visited my friend Robin and also stopped by and saw my friend Brianne. Then we took a quick tour of some of my old haunts before hitting the road again.

Childhood home

Downtown Harlo

Yesterday amid an afternoon downpour we coasted (floated) home; the end of a long journey. Eric had been gone for nearly 2 weeks and Cordelia and I a week.

I started immediately in on a veritable mountain of laundry. We went out for a father's day dinner with my family and made our way home with a collective familial sigh. Home sweet home!

How was your weekend?


Emily said...

So glad you guys had a great time. I totally relate to the mountain of laundry!

K. said...

Wow, how amazing - my grandfather, who I last saw when I was 2 (now I am 40) and is now deceased, lived in Harlowton! I always wondered about it - I have never been to Montana. He had a mink ranch. Thanks for the pics! What a small world. :)

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