Saturday, September 10, 2011

For the Birds: Project Bird Feeders

Yesterday afternoon things were threatening to unravel. Cordelia was at the whiney stage of the day and I was out of ideas. Suddenly it struck my like a bolt of lightning from the heavens into my brain---or else I just kinda of thought of it. I knew she'd be happy to do anything outdoors. I happened to have recently grabbed a few pine-cones which had tumbled from their coniferous mother only to be abducted by this mother.

I gathered the supplies: Pine-cones, string, seeds, peanut butter, something to spread the peanut butter with. You're on your own to find an assistant


Cut your string to the desired length. Tie it around the top of the pine-cone.

tie string

Have your assistant help you apply peanut butter to the entire pine-cone. Just a warning this has MESS written all over it, so if you are a tidy mother maybe you can do this part.


Obviously I am not too concerned with the mess factor. She decided that a snack was in order and dipped her toddler paws deep in the peanut butter jar (note: peanut butter jar will be contaminated, best to use the last bits of a peanut butter)

snack time

While she continued to snack I completed the job.

pb on cone

We happen to have a bucket filled with bird seed and it was quite helpful in this instance. She scooped the seeds onto the pine-cone, but you could just as easily submerge the cone in seeds.


Finally we had to scout out the perfect location for the four bird feeders we made. This took some careful consideration on her part.


Our next project included cleaning this mug up!

PB face

What traditional activities do you partake in to ease out of a whiney afternoon?


Susan S said...

I love that mug.....and her momma!

Anonymous said...

What a cool activity! You have some imagination and Cordelia should be proud to have a mama like you!
I get whiney too at the end of the day, so to ease that whiney me, I just take a nap! (Just like a real BABY!)

AKM said...

Heheheh, "toddler paws." I love that you turned a whiny mood into a productive help-the-animals project. :-) I'm with Roxee...whiny adults need naps, too!

Kate said...

Those look so beautiful!

Kirsten said...

Fun project! Did she watch for the birds after?

Veggie Tales said...

Hehe I did this when I was a toddler! Another fun craft/activity that my family did on a camping trip was building a "tight rope" for chipmunks and it was really fun. You tie some string between trees (or whatever works) and then tie more string to hang down off the main tightrope and put treats (peanuts in shells, or peanutbutter pinecones, whatever) on the hanging strings. It's so funny to see chipmunks getting to them. Good photo ops too.

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