Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simple and Beautiful

flower at sunset

Yesterday afternoon I was tempted to back out of a planned hike with a friend. I have a lingering cough and I feared that I would be hacking and breathless for the entire 2 hour hike. I am not sure why, but I decided I just needed to go.

I put on my "work jeans," meaning the jeans that are kind of baggy, holey, stained. I layered on a t-shirt and a thin green cardigan. I pulled out my hiking shoes which are just a smidge too small, but not quite small enough that I have been motivated to go out and buy a new pair of sneakers. I tied the laces and pulled my hair back. I sifted through my possessions and decided that I only had to carry my car keys (not the entire key chain), my driver's license, sunglasses, cell phone (in the event of a mountain lion attack I figured we'd better have access to a phone). I left behind my big purse filled with loose cereal, wipes, toys, receipts, wallet, etc. I had a strange sense that I was missing something, weird to be encumbered by so little.

Eric stayed home with Cordelia while I made my way to the mountain. I arrived a bit early and sat on a boulder as I awaited my friend Ashley. I felt the cool air that reminded me that fall is not far off at all. The sun was low in the sky and the way that it was playing on the trees was just perfect.

Ashley pulled up and we set off on our way up the mountain. Conversation flowed easily. We would pause to admire the view as we could see out from the mountain, over the plains, and into the distance (I imagined I was looking into my beloved Montana). We talked about serious things, silly things, regular things, and it all just moved so easily as we enjoyed the simple and beautiful evening.

Before either of us knew it we were back in the parking lot and I felt refreshed, new. I also felt as though I had passed through some imaginary portal that separates acquaintanceship and true friendship.

I pulled the car back onto the road, drinking up the last golden rays of light, replenished and ready to bring that happiness back into my life.

How do you replenish yourself?

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful memory you made of yourself and your friend.
I don't replenish myself these days... when I was younger, my mom and dad had a farm, and when I was older my mom and dad had a cottage, nowadays, I just have work and a messy house to clean.
You just reminded me that it is an important and vital thing to do for yourself once in a while.

Emily said...

I can just imagine the feeling of the cool air, the golden fading sun. I always feel better after a walk outside-- especially if accompanied by a good friend.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! We Mommas need to take time for ourselves. Its good for us and our kiddos & hubbies! I like to go for a walk by myself or swim!

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