Monday, December 26, 2011


Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with those whom you love. We had a lovely day, in spite of the fact that several of us are fighting our way through a winter cold.

Eric and Cordelia
Eric and Cordelia wearing pajamas and fake laughing

Cordelia and I
Cordelia, cautiously approaching the present pile

My mom
My mom came looking gorgeous. Both of my parents were well dressed and the rest of us were in pajamas.

My Dad
My dad could hardly contain his enthusiasm.

Sam was a trooper, he felt really sick.

The sun finally rose over the mountains and it was time to play with Cordelia.

Cordelia and Eric

Cordelia and Grandpa Mike

Later we enjoyed vegan cinnamon rolls covered in a caramel sauce made by my mother. SOoooooOOoOOOo good. Our little family started feeling ill by late morning (definitely not due to the cinnamon rolls, but rather a virus), nothing major, we just spent the day snuggled up on the couch, watching movies and napping (no shame in that). I rallied and made our crew a nice dinner. Overall, it was really a mellow and wonderful day. I hope you had a special Christmas as well!


Anonymous said...

The fake laughing go me "real" laughing! HA!

Beck said...

Cute shots, looks like a really happy day! And not in a fake way! Cinnamon buns...mmm..xo

Susan said...

Please make it clear that the cinnamon rolls were NOT the cause of your family feeling ill!

Maria Rose said...

Oh no the cinnamon rolls did not make us fact I think they are the reason we've all recovered so quickly!

Kirsten Taggart said...

Wonder pet toys! Super cool. Leeluu plays with all Ocean's old littlest pet shops dudes. Just wait until they start building little villages in the corner of their room. :)

Victoria said...

We had a great day, just kicking back and enjoying the quiet. I surprised Mike by making for me but a childhood favorite of!

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