Friday, January 27, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

Last night was kind of a long night. Cordelia is fighting off a minor cold and she was pretty restless. She spent the night in our bed and intermittently woke up to ask, "Momma wanna hold me?" or "Momma, Kleeeeeeeenex!" So my sleep was understandably disjointed, but in between the wake ups I had dreams of summer...

toes in grass


I dug my hands into rich soil. Cordelia and I walked barefoot in the grass. I watched ladybugs crawling about on leaves. My dream was nothing particularly special, just a combination of memories and plans, but it left me feeling a little bit of that summer sun inside.



The next month is usually the last major blast of winter with it tapering off in March and April. Generally this is the point in the season where most of us begin to feel a little bit claustrophobic going from one heated environment to the next. So, this dream was just what I needed to remind me of the good times to come. The dwindling summer rays on the green grass, more time outside than in. Open windows. Birds chirping. Pink lemonade. Watermelon. Oh and this summer we will have such a wonderful gift. Yes, I am absolutely dreaming of summer.


tomato plant


Susan said...

I sure hope she feels better soon!

Emily said...

You certainly will have a wonderful gift this summer! I'd say the highlight of the season! :)

elizabeth said...

I love summer, too.
I hope miss C feels better soon.
Happy weekend to you all!

Anonymous said...

I am also dreaming of summer! If we can have no snow, then I want warmth! Plus you'll have a new little one around that time too!

Kate said...

My firstborn is a summer baby; love that season.

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