Monday, February 6, 2012


Rising sun

Little girl, putting all of her stuffed animals in a row

Icicles on the back porch

My morning glass of 100% orange juice

Bumblebee wearing a cone because she won't stop licking the smallest wound on her foot, making it worse.


Sunjo said...

Feel better Bumblebee! Cones are the worst. My baby had one on for six weeks when he was neutered b/c every time I'd take it, he'd lick himself open! :(

elizabeth said...

the picture of miss c and all her buddies made me smile. :)

maddie used to line up all of her animals and dollies and have me take pics of her with them. she still lines up her dolls and animals on the couch or her bed sometimes . . .

from my experience, a girl who takes care of all her stuffed buddies this well will be an awesome big sister! :)

singlemama said...

oooohhh I love these moments!
thanks for sharing!!!

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