Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not the Day it was Meant to Be...

All three of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. I suppose that should have been our first sign. We got up and I made pancakes and we readied for our trip. A trip that was meant to be a fun and quick getaway to a new town. The plan was to drive to Thermopolis and spend the day checking out the hot springs, dinosaur museum, a quaint downtown and perhaps to even see the buffalo that range outside of town and then to stay in the hotel with a heated pool (Cordelia was soooo excited to swim).

We left Bumblebee with my parents and hit the road. The drive over was pleasant. Eric and I chatted and Cordelia played with her toys. About halfway there she announced that she needed to use the restroom, without a rest area or town in the next few miles we pulled over and let her answer the call of nature in nature---quite a novelty for her, but she did lack in technique and it was windy, so you can imagine....well you know.

Anyway, after the clean up we were back on the road and enjoying our drive. Yesterday was a beautiful day. We cruised through Wind River Canyon which was stunning and had three tunnels to delight us all. When we rolled into Thermopolis we weren't really sure that we had arrived, it is a small town. We did find our hotel and checked in.

We had some difficulty finding a place for three vegans to eat, but finally had some success. While we were waiting for our food to arrive the radio was playing "Wanted Dead or Alive" over the music we could hear eagle screeching. Eric wondered if perhaps it was coming from outside. I thought it must be part of the song. However, the song ended and the eagle screeching went on. We thought there must be some sort of bizarre bird fight going on above the restaurant. When we walked out, after eating (and listening to at least a hundred eagle screeches), the screeching stopped. We realized that the restaurant had been playing the sounds over their system. We were highly amused.

We then headed to check out the hot springs. Unfortunately they seemed to be enjoying a dry time and they weren't as bountiful as we had hoped. Regardless we walked around the board walk and checked out the view. We also came to notice that the entire town was populated by teenage girls, they were everywhere.


sitting by hot springs

walking by hot springs


board walk

We then went for a drive on the bison range and didn't happen to spot any bison, but we did see more teenage girls---which is kind of like wildlife viewing.

Next we headed to the Dinosaur Museum which turned out to be the highlight of the trip, they have a really impressive collection of fossils! Cordelia took a while to warm up, scared by the fossilized shells--before we even saw dinosaurs...she did this...

scared of museum

Once she loosened up it was fun for all and we pretty much had the museum to ourselves which was great.

dino museum

Next we went for a dip in the pool at the hotel, it was not heated as advertised so the swim lasted a mere minutes, but that was enough for our little lady.

Jumping into freezing water

Over the course of the whole day things just were not going as planned. Mostly we just laughed it off, because what can you do? That's life. However, there came a point when we said, "let's just go home." So we did.

The drive home was great with conversation flowing as we chuckled about the comedy of errors that was our day. Then Cordelia announced that she had to go to the bathroom. By then we were in sight of our town and both thought we could make it to a bathroom. Our mistake. We had to make a stop at the nearest place with a bathroom, the airport, where I had to hose her down and put new pants on her. We stuffed a bunch of paper towels into the car seat for the last few miles of the trip.When the accident happened all we could do was laugh about it, it was just one of those kind of days.

When we stopped by to pick up Bumblebee from my parent's house my dad said, "Sorry you had a bad day." I shrugged and told him that it had actually been a kind of good day.


Kate said...

I'm glad you made the best of odd and unhappy situations. Cordelia is precious! Once when my son had macaroni and cheese (his 1st and last time), he awoke vomiting horribly. We, too, elected to just go home and during the drive he threw up 3 more times. Brody and he just laughed at it, while I looked on in abject horror. Brody caught my distressed gaze and reminded me that when all else fails, humor is a tidy response to life's unpleasantness.

Allen said...

Memories that will last a life time. Sorry about the trip, we have had many.

Anne Marie said...

Glad you were able to take away some good things from your strange day!

Kirstens Kitchen said...

Hot springs!!! I love naturally warm water, there are some amazing spots in BC for those. Could you swim in the ones you checked out?
We to have thought that we could make it home with no bathroom break..when they gottat go, they gotta go:)

Maria Rose said...

Kristen, yes, they do have swimming spots---but not for little ones or pregnant ladies or guys with new tattoos. Probably should go at another time.

Victoria said...

It is so much fun to just GO...whatever the outcome ;)

Kate said...

"not for little ones or pregnant ladies or guys with new tattoos" funny stuff.

Emily said...

Your interesting day will live in on the stories you tell about it for years to come. That's one good thing to come out of it! :)

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