Saturday, July 28, 2012

348 Pennies

Cordelia loves bubbles, but her success record with the actual blowing of bubbles is spotty at best. When  I noticed a handheld battery powered bubble wand at the store earleir this summer I thought I had found a solution. When I spotted  the price tag ($14) I realized I am far too thrifty for that. So we left without it.

Time passed. Summer products have gone on sale and I thought I'd check again. Lo and behold the price had dropped to the random number of $3.48. We snatched up that deal.

Last night the bubble wand got its first use and man alive was it worth 348 pennies!










Susan Struck said...

Love it! What great photos!

Stacy said...

GREAT photos! Looks like a great time!

sara said...

worth every penny -- she looks like she is having a total blast!

Anonymous said...

From $14 to $3.48? See how much profit they make selling it? I am sure they probably made a couple of bucks at the $3.48 price too!
That looks like a whole lot of fun... and looks like Eric had a great time too!

Helena said...

Wonderful! Me and my kids love bubbles too.

sophie said...

So much fun!

AKM said...

WE did bubbles at my cousin's wedding Saturday night! And then my mom and my aunt blew them, indoors, to try to amuse their cats and dogs, respectively. They weren't terribly impressed. But we were.

Kate said...

My daughter's gymnastics class ends wit a bubble parade. She's been going since she was 9 months old and it still fascinates her. I adore watching those kids follow the trail of soapy water. Due to this particular post, every time I want to buy a similar bubble maker, I refrain Just in case I can find one for 348 pennies.

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