Monday, July 16, 2012


So I thought I'd share a bit of the birth story of Elise with you today...

A week ago this morning I awoke with a feeling that it was nearly time. I thought it would be great to labor through the day and wrap things up before dinner. Perfect...but that isn't how it went. I spent the part of the day feeling certain that it was time, then I spent the rest of the day wondering if my initial feeling had been wrong. Eric and my mother kept checking in, but it seemed as though things were fizzling out.

So when evening rolled around, we ate some dinner and went for a nice leisurely walk. When we made it home I was pretty sure that I was in fact going to have a baby soon. So, I packed some things up, wrote Cordelia a note to be read to her in the morning as I was pretty sure her parents would not be there when she awoke. She and I discussed that it was almost time for her sister to arrive and that her grandma or grandpa would probably be there when she awoke.

Eric and I were able to put Cordelia to bed in a semi-normal fashion. We played some games and counted contractions. Finally I called my family to come over. Eric, my mother and I traveled to the hospital. My father and Sam stayed with Cordelia. All was falling into place. We went to labor and delivery, ready to be admitted.

I was still in early stage labor, but I was sure that it was baby time. So, considering that I'd had some complications last time we assumed that they'd admit me early. Well, they didn't. Ugh!

They sent me home around midnight to wait until later. So we drove back home. Eric and my mother got a little sleep, but I just hung out downstairs and waited until I felt like there was no way they'd turn me away again. Finally around 4am I woke Eric up and we returned to the hospital. They admitted me and things moved along quickly from there.

Elise was born at 9:16am. My mother and husband were there. I can't even begin to express what a great support team they made. Seriously I felt so completely surrounded by love. Couldn't ask for a better experience all around.

Elise was born with a FULL head of dark hair. She cried at first, about the indignity of it all and eventually settled down to take in the brand new world. We all just basked in the glow of new life.

Elise and I
Holding my newly born daughter

My family came in to join the scene. Cordelia was interested and sweet and so happy. I was just so eager to be reunited with my big girl, our family complete. My brother Ben was on the phone right away calling to see how we were and share in the joyful moment.

Dad, Sam, Cordelia
Cordelia with her Uncle Sam and Grandpa Mike

Eric and the girls
Eric and the girls

My mother
My mother (in work clothes) with her newest granddaughter

We spent a couple of days in the hospital and then made our way home with the newest team member. When I came back in the house I was greeted by an absolutely exuberant basset, my constant companion had missed me. The house was spotless and Eric, remembering my inexplicable pregnancy craving for champagne had flowers and champagne waiting---I later had a few sips of champagne in celebration.

champagne and flowers
Flowers and champagne

We settled in and have been getting used to this new little life. We are figuring out routines, spending special time with Cordelia and recovering from labor and delivery. We are all so very happy, tired, and full of gratitude.


Anne Marie said...

So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

aw how precious! Cordelia looks like such a proud big sister:) congratulations!

Victoria said...

So happy for you and relieved that number two was a breeze ;) Sending lots of love to you all and special hugs to your new wee girl and precious big girl. xoxo

Emily said...

Welcome home! Your girls are so beautiful. Enjoy the baby fog!

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