Monday, July 30, 2012

Second First Bath

I can recall Cordelia's first bath (read about it here). Eric and I were nervous. I was worried that the water would be too hot, that she would be slippery and I would drop her, that she would have some sort of allergic skin reaction to the soap we used, etc., etc. Mostly just the average spastic new parent type of worries.

Well this weekend it was finally time for Elise to have her first bath; seems that it took forever for her to lose her  umbilical cord...or "that dirty thing" as Cordelia called it.  This time around was different, very different. I don't think any of those silly worries that plagued us the first time around even crossed our minds.

I prepared the bath like a pro. No second guessing myself. It was like I'd done it all before. When all was prepared we put a mellow Elise into the tub. She was not impressed.

not happy

Perhaps it was the accidental face splash from her very eager-to-please big sister.

bath with sister

Who knows? It didn't really matter. Baby cries don't induce the same level of panic that they once did.


The bath happened. Crying happened. So did some laughing. Then, a few moments later I was holding a sleepy and snuggled up babe who was finally freshly bathed.


Emily said...

You are a seasoned pro! :)

Anonymous said...

I screeched every time my mother would try... I would go stiff like a board and scream blue murder... the doctor finally said, "She's not dirty, just sponge bathe her, she'll be fine!"
My poor mother! LOL

Anonymous said...

awww so precious. there's a lot of wisdom in that post:)

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