Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baptismal Gown

My family is all here in town for Elise's baptism. They have come from all over the country for this! I can't tell you how touched we are that my family works so hard to stay involved.  I love that I have such a supportive family. We have a very long history of being close. Take, for instance, the baptismal gown that Elise will be wearing it is a family heirloom dating back to the 19th century! The dress was made in 1895 by what I guess is my great great grandmother, so the great great great grandmother of my girls. My grandmother, father, cousins, aunts, great aunts, second cousins, brothers and daughters have all worn this baptismal gown!

baptismal gown
The gown

baptismal gown detail
Some detail of the gown

baptismal gown collar
More details, isn't it lovely?!

baptismal gown under dress
The under-gown is beautifully made as well. I hate to call it a slip, because it is much more beautiful than that.

baptismal gown under dress detail
Some of the detailing on the under-gown

Along with the dress come care instructions and a little bit of history regarding the dress.

baptismal gown list
Here is a list (it's got names on both sides)of people who have worn the gown over the years, including my father, grandmother, aunts, cousins, second cousins, etc.

baptismal gown
Pictures of family who has previously worn the gown. Does this top picture look familiar? It's Cordelia---she and Elise look a lot alike!

baptismal gown letter and early pic
Here is a family member wearing the dress in 1942!

I am so happy to be passing on this tradition to my girls!


Kirstens Kitchen said...

That is neat that you have that many family members that have wore that.

Kate said...

I adore this post!

Carmen said...

How beautiful and special it has made it all these years. So much history! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating :)

Clare said...

How beautiful! Blessings to all of your family on this joyful day!

affectioknit said...


AKM said...

Wow. I got goose-bumpy thinking about the history of the gown! Excellent.

sara said...

what a beautiful heirloom and a lovely family tradition!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible piece of family history. The dress is amazing and the list with

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