Monday, November 26, 2012

Technology of the Ancients

We tend to decorate with somewhat unusual  items. Sure, we have the usual framed pictures and vases, but we also have things like typewriters, phones and cameras that are set out for decorative use (see exhibits A,B,C).

Exhibit A
Here we have a vintage doughnut phone, it's mid-century and collectible. We no longer have a land line so this beauty just sits out. Occasionally Cordelia will make imaginary phone calls to Sadie, but it's purpose at this point is purely decorative.

Exhibit B
This fine specimen is a vintage typewriter, it get occasional use, but mostly is used for decoration.

Exhibit C
This is one of many vintage cameras we collect. Original use, taking pictures. Current use, cool looking dust collector.

Well, we recently had company over and they spotted our ipod (purchased in 2005) "Whoa!" They exclaimed, " I haven't seen one of those in years! Is it decoration or do you actually use it?"

Exhibit D
Apparently this 5 year old bit-o-technology that we currently use fits in with a bunch of 50year old technology. Hmmm I guess we are having trouble keeping up. What about you? Do you ride the wave of technology or are you still rocking a Walkman in a non-ironic manner?


Susan Struck said...

Oh,that is pretty funny!

Stacy said...

The manfriend has the same iPod. I have a slightly newer version but with the wheel too. It still works - why replace it?

I also have an old camera. I love the look of it. Old things are lovely!!

Kate said...

Dude! I was Just wondering about that phone last week! It was in the background of one of your pictures and I wondered if you guys used it. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

eLiZaBeTh said...

For five bucks, I bought a 1920's typewriter at a garage sale when I was in the seventh grade. I had to go back home and bring a radio flyer wagon with me in order to lug it home. About 8 years later, my mom sold it at her garage sale for five bucks :/

I collect old cameras too. Mostly because I love the old typography on them.

One of my favorite things in my house? A framed print of a ship that I picked up at a Crap Exchange a few years ago :)

Anonymous said...

That phone, it has push buttons instead of the circle dial thing... I didn't know they had push buttons back then?

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