Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Hi. How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was wonderful. Here is the run down...

Normally we would spend the holiday with my immediate family, but they had traveled to visit family in Gillette. Why didn't we go? Well...Elise hates riding in the car and we just weren't up for hours of baby screams, so we opted out. Sam stayed back with us.

Yesterday morning we woke up and lazed around the house until about 10am. I then realized I should probably get a move on. I  made pumpkin pie, peanut butter cookies,a salad, a tofurkey, a big mess. I cleaned up myself and the girls. Eric got himself in order. Sam arrived around 1:50 and we made a family caravan over to the Wolfpack's house (wolf den?).

the crew
We sat around devouring appetizers. The girls would occasionally parade through, wearing Sadie's plastic princess shoes, stop for a bite, then off to 3year old world.

josh and ari
Josh and Ari showing off sitting up skillz...Ari...well, both of them I guess.

Cordelia made herself right at home and started putting on Sadie's headbands, fairy wings, the aforementioned plastic shoes, etc.

Sarah prepared an awesome vegan feast for us. Mouthwatering rustic mashed potatoes, a perfect (for real) stuffing with golden raisins and pecans, cranberries cooked to perfection, savory baked sweet potatoes, vegan gravy, olives, etc. My only regret was not having a larger stomach capacity.



We had a dinner that was disjointed and full of conversation that would pick up and drop off as we wrangled 4 very little children. I think Sam probably won't want to have kids, but overall it was really the exact meal we had hoped for. Family time and all of the crazy that goes along with it. Josh even counted a 45 minute stretch of time where all of the kids were content!


We ate, we talked, we tended to the needs of our offspring.

Meanwhile...the girls did this to the living room.

Eventually Elise hit a wall and it was time to call it a night.

thanksgiving eric

We had such a lovely evening!


Carmen said...

Look at her poor little sad face! Glad you guys had such a great feast with great friends :)

Mom said...

We missed being with you but we knew you'd be having a marvelous time with friends and Sam.

Sarah Purdy said...

Great post! Sadie tells me that they were playing a game on the couch called: "Waterfall Pool" (Duh, Mom.) This was different from the "Walkie Talkie" game which consisted of standing on the bed and throwing toys at the ceiling.

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