Monday, January 7, 2013

Lidless Blender Day


Hello! We just got back from a trip to Arizona. We stayed in Leisure World for a few days, meeting up with the fam. I will give you a full report tomorrow, but right now I feel as though I was tossed in a lidless blender on high and splattered on the walls (in a good way). I need a moment to catch my bearings and tomorrow I will share some great photos and give you a full report.

How was your weekend?


Kate said...

Felt that way yesterday, after we'd just gotten back from Colorado. I went to the grocery store 6 times {6!} because I kept forgetting things, {wallet, then debit card, then salsa, then GF flour, etc.} I'm staying inside today.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to see the lidless blender! wahhh

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